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At ISDEN, we seek to establish alliances and form networks with various groups in order to improve and increase our sphere of service.


We work with a diverse group of people, which greatly enriches the experience of everyone involved. In some activities we only work with a specific group of people, while in others we encourage the integration of many different groups. When working with more than one group, we offer activities in which the participants from different sectors must work together, thus promoting horizontal relationships and the formation of multi-sectoral alliances, as we believe that health care should be approached from the same type of multi-sectoral cooperation.

ISDEN works with vulnerable groups and working-class communities to promote dignity and respect for life among these communities and to improve their living conditions. We work with various social and academic institutions and also at the community level. We work with health professionals, technicians, and community health agents (health promoters, pastoral care, tuberculosis patients, and health authorities), among others, to strengthen the role of ethics in the health sector.

Calle Los Girasoles, Mz. "M" Lt. 20, Los Jazmines de Naranjal,
Los Olivos, Lima, Perú
Telef: (511)637-2915 / Email: isdenmsc2009@gmail.com
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